AD provides advanced distribution solutions including importation, sales, order-to-cash proceedings and logistics.


We Are Advanced Distribution


AD is led by a strong management team with almost 30 years experience in marketing, sales and logistics in FMCG, healthcare and cosmetic industry. Moreover, it is supported by a highly committed and service-minded team of sales and logistics staff.
AD has a strong nationwide distribution network which include the direct store delivery (DSD) of around ... 30,000 stores including supermarkets, convenient stores, general trade groceries, mom & baby stores, pharmacies ... by its own 8 distribution centers located in 5 key cities plus about ... covered by our provincial sub-distributors all over Vietnam.
AD’s standard operation processes (SOPs) have been proven to be practically effective. Our key performance indicators (KPI) are clearly defined and standardized to enable us maintaining competitive and consistent distribution service standards in the marketplace.
AD is careful to keep on top of the latest developments in technology, world-class facilities and international industry standards. Web-enabled visibility, web-ordering & real-time data access to sales and inventory are just some of the advantages AD offers all its principals and clients.
AD now has been widely known and recognized as a reliable distribution partner for the market expansion and business growth for its principals and partners in Vietnam.


Our Missions

To be a reliable distribution partner for growth in Vietnam; one that provides advanced services, always exceeds expectations and is recognized by its principals, partners & customers as the best in the business.


Our Values

  • Quality

    AD focuses on selected premium-quality, well-known and widely accepted products in FMCG, healthcare, cosmetic and home-care.

  • Flexibility

    AD not only holds itself the highest standards of service, business ethics and compliance but also maintain unique flexibility to adapt local business practices and in order to benefit both our business and our clients’ businesses.

  • Leadership

    AD aims to cultivate a leadership style that is strong but still open-minded. We are highly committed to each and every client. We believe that the best people build the best company. We value teamwork and encourage people to make their contributions through clear goals, targets, accountability, good communication and cooperation.

  • Transparency

    To the principals, we remain open and transparent so that our principals can have a clear picture of their businesses in Vietnam.

  • Responsibility

    AD handles its principals, partners and customers fairly and responsibly so that everyone can have benefit.


Significant Milestones Of Our Company

Missions & values

Our Management Team Is Proactive And Highly Committed To The Business We Are Doing.

AD's management is a team who has been successful in FMCG and healthcare businesses in Vietnam. The management team includes managers who have education & training with in-depth understanding of the market, relevant experiences and professional in functional areas.
Our management team is proactive and highly committed to the business we are doing.
The team has strong leadership with a clear vision but is open minded enough to enable changes & improvements whenever necessary. We have a strong team spirit & great respect for our people.
Each member of the management team is assigned to manage a separate business account. These Account Managers will ensure a smooth & effective business coordination and operation for each principal.


See How We Can Benefit Your Business

The Distribution Centers Are Arranged To Serve The Company’s Sub-Distributors In The Surrounding Provinces As Well.