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Vision & Corporate Values
To be a reliable distribution partner for growth in Vietnam; one that provides advanced services, always exceeds expectations and is recognized by its principals, partners & customers as the best in the business.

Key Corporate Values

• AD focuses on selected premium-quality, well-known and widely accepted products in FMCG, healthcare, cosmetic and homecare.

• AD holds itself the highest standards of service, business ethics and compliance but also maintain unique flexibility to adapt local business practices and in order to benefit both our business and our clients’ businesses.

• AD aims to cultivate a leadership style that is strong but open. We are highly committed to each and every client. We believe that the best people build the best company. We value teamwork and encourage people to make their contributions through clear goals, targets, accountability, good communication and cooperation.

• To the principals, we remain open and transparent so that our principals can have a clear picture of their businesses in Vietnam.

• AD handles its principals, partners and customers fairly and responsibly so that everyone benefits.