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IT Infrastructure
IT infrastructure is one of the strategic investments that facilitates our “advanced services” concept in distribution. Our “AD business online” software was designed and upgraded by a leading IT company to meet specific requirements for the distribution industry in Vietnam. While the system is standardized, stabilized and is completely able to interface with any international business application, it is also very flexible and can be customized according to complex promotions used by most of businesses.

The system is centrally managed by our IT team as all sites and sub-distributors have to use the same server located in Ho Chi Minh City. However, the system also can be customized for each site or sub-distributor in specific provinces or regions. As such, we always have the central database for the whole country but also we can view each area as needed.

Our system allows receiving orders by SMS or by mobile web. The ordering system increases the order accuracy, traceability and thus increases service quality for customers and gives quick & safe recall as per the requirements of our principals.

Our IT system is totally web-enabled and visible allowing our partners and principals (as per authorization) real-time data access and transparency for sales, order status as well as inventory & shipment status at all sites in the country. The system gives our partners & us to increased capabilities in planning, controlling, responding and thus eliminating inaccuracies, inefficiencies and non-productive activities.