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Nationwide Direct Service Distribution Network

AD has built up 10 distribution centers spread throughout Vietnam. These 10 centers are strategically located right in the downtown of 6 key cities (3 centers in Ho Chi Minh City) being very near customers enables us to directly provide much better and more consistent quality service to customers than others across the country.

At our 10 distribution centers, we have our own facilities & equipment such as offices, warehouses, truck fleet and people who manage & carry out the whole cycle of order-to-cash distribution services directly to retailers in key 6 cities including Ho Chi Minh City, Hanoi, Hai Phong, Da Nang, Can Tho & Daklak. Our direct service centers fulfill from 55 to 60% of national sales volume depending on the different nature of the businesses.

The distribution centers are arranged to serve the company’s sub-distributors in the surrounding provinces as well.

As of mid of 2014, AD has about 400 sub-distributors and serving 162,000 wholesalers and retailers of which about 1,400 are modern trade accounts for FMCG, cosmetics and homecare. In addition, AD serves 11,500 pharmacies for healthcare products throughout Vietnam.