SERVICE Sales Order Processing & Delevery
Sales Order Processing & Delevery
AD has invested in more than 10 distribution centers covering key 6 cities across Vietnam to provide high quality distribution services that are consistent and direct from the company to retailers. With strategic in-town locations, the distribution centers can make sure the best & fastest services both to retailers and sub distributors in each region also in terms of delivery, trade returns, trade promotion and sales credit & cash collection. More than 1,500 sales orders are currently processed & delivered a day directly by our distribution centers.

AD uses centralized distribution software that allows us to manage the sales and promotion activities. The system also allows the authorized persons to have online visibility of what is going on in the market in real-time.

Our in-house fleet of more than 50 trucks and hundreds of motorbikes (specific to key cities in Vietnam) ensures the timely transportation and the delivery of products to customers.

Most importantly, AD posses a highly committed and has a true service mindset to carry out the principals’ businesses. Staff is also well trained to carry out their distribution jobs. They understand the customers & local practices. The distribution center staff is also highly inspired and motivated by the clear, well-linked & traceable key performance index (KPI).

At AD, we commit to deliver 99.50% perfectly fulfilled orders with the right quantity, right customers, right place, at the right time and at the right price.