SERVICE Warehousing & Value Added Services
Warehousing & Value Added Services
AD has in-house international 3PL services and world-class warehouse facilities with strategically located multi-site warehouses nationwide, racking systems, stacking, lifting, temperature & humidity monitors, etc. We can provide our clients with top-quality warehousing services for both bonded & non-bonded warehouses and both inbound & outbound. The warehousing services include receiving, physical check, sorting & classification, storage, palletizing, identification labeling, recording, picking, packing and getting ready to dispatch, etc.

AD also can provide value-added services such as re-packing, co-packing, bar code labeling, etc

As services provided by international 3PL, AD strictly follows Good Warehousing Practices (GWP) to ensure that all clients' products are received, picked and dispatched in the best conditions, first-expiry-first-out, best rules for trade returns and damage quarantine and totally traceable for each transaction.

Our system allows the clients to have real-time data access to inventory & shipment status at all sites over the country by web-enabled online visibility. Therefore, AD and its clients have the best planning tools for the supply chain and to maintain the standard safety stock and consistent expiry-date across the sites & markets.