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Service standards
Standard Operating Procedure Ensuring Service Quality

All our operations have to follow Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) to make sure our service quality and financial safety is maintained as per our commitment.

However, with in-depth understanding customers & local business practices, we also allow flexibility so as to best support the joint businesses in each region or city.

For reference, the following are the key service standards that we are currently committed to. 

Key Service Area

Standard Performance Indicator

1- Sales Target

  • 100% agreed volume target
  • 100% agreed coverage target
2- Order Delivery

  • within 8 working hours for key 6 cities.
  • 12 to 16 working hours for less than 200km distance delivery
  • 24 working hours for over 200km distance delivery.
3- Inventory

  • 99.0% inventory available
  • 99.8% inventory accuracy
4- Order Reliability 

  • 98% orders will be perfect
5- Invoicing

  • 100% tax invoice provided
6- Trade Promotion

  • trade discount right on invoice
  • trade bonus & promotion cleared within 30 days to customers all over the country.